Vinimaya : The B2B Search Engine

Last November, I introduced you to Vinimaya in my post on The Next Wave in Product Catalogue Management. With their agent technology, Vinimaya is a leader in supplier enablement for those companies that need an integrated catalog solution for their e-Procurement platform as their Product Catalog Management Solution (PCM) supports whatever mechanism the supplier already has – be it a punch-out, catalog, market-place, or plain-old web-site.

However, Vinimaya, which is a very stable and profitable company (despite some competitor’s claims to the contrary), is not content to just have the best PCM solution. They’ve spent the past six months improving their core technology and working on additional offerings to benefit the supply management space. In addition to their streamlined agent technology-enabled SmartSearch Buyer, which they are able to implement for an average large customer, who needs hundreds of suppliers enabled, in four to five weeks, they now offer a SmartSearch Supplier service for suppliers, B2B transaction services, and they are working on a new Discovery service that is likely to be launched before the end of the year.

Their SmartSearch Supplier service allows suppliers that require specialized punchouts or catalog formats to support their buyers to offer these formats without having to build these punchouts or specialized (XML, CIF, etc.) formats on their own. The SmartSearch Supplier offering, which uses the same underlying agent technology as SmartSearch Buyer, translates the supplier’s current catalog format (web-site, database, XML, etc.) into whatever format the buyer requires (because they use Ariba Supplier Network, SciQuest, Ketera, etc.) on the fly. In addition, it supports the same price override capability as SmartSearch Buyer, so the supplier can customize its prices to each buyer using a set of pricing rules.

Their B2B transaction services supports internet EDI with seven standard document formats, p-card payments, XML-EDI punchouts, and interchange and is delivered by their partners, including VITG USA and ESIS. In other words, Vinimaya is all about the internet as the network and providing you with the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

However, it is the SmartSearch Discovery offering that they are currently working on now that really got my attention when I caught up with them last week. Right now, they allow you to search multiple sites seamlessly through their SmartSearch Buyer, which is more than any other catalog solution allows you to do. However, in the near future, it sounds like they will also allow you to search third-party marketplaces at the same time, in the same view, and seamlessly integrate the best of B2C with the best of B2B. Right now, you can search by product, category, part, and supplier location – everything you can do with your standard catalog. But with this new service, you’ll also be able to search by component, manufacturer, third party rating, and any other piece of information that is out there on third party marketplaces. And there’ll be better integration into your current e-Procurement and e-Sourcing platforms. What will it look like? That’s a topic for a later post. So stay tuned!