Daily Archives: June 9, 2008

Five Hundred and Eighty Six Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty Two

Five Hundred and Eighty Six Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty Two words later (including the words in this post but excluding the words in any comments on), or Eight Hundred and Sixty Two posts later (that does not count the dozens of guest posts on other blogs, most notably e-Sourcing Forum), and Sourcing Innovation officially turns two. Although not that long of a time, even in net-time, it is very significant in blog-time, especially for a blog that posts daily.

It has been a very good year. Growth has again exploded from slightly over two thousands hits on an average day, to over eight thousand hits on an average day and over fifteen thousand hits on peak days, and traffic is still, almost linearly, increasing month over month (and often week over week). (So, for all you nibblers out there, now would be an especially good time to bite and put your logo over on the right-hand side. Especially since current rates are less than half of what you would pay for the same number of ad impressions on a site that charges you by the hit.)

But the best has not yet been written. Even though this blog has covered the full range of the sourcing cycle and the procurement cycle, from spend analysis to contract management through requisition to e-payment and reconciliation, with a hearty dose of supply chain, logistics, and global trade management and finance thrown into the mix, it’s only scratched the surface. There’s still more to tell – and with our understanding of supply chain, and the world in general, increasing by the day, you can never stop learning – and never stop innovating. And that’s what Sourcing Innovation is all about.