Training Doesn’t Have to Be a Budget Buster

I was glad to see this recent article in Industry Week which echoed a key point I’ve been trying to make over the past few years, that training doesn’t have to be a budget buster and that affordable options are available.

Consider the following options outlined in the article:

  • Onsite
    Bring in an expert instructor for hands-on training. You’ll get a lot of bang for your 2K a day, especially if you qualify for federal reimbursement under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 which can see you getting a reimbursement of 60% to 100%. Alternatively, you can send two employees to a train-the-trainers program, and they can pass the knowledge on to your entire workforce.
  • Seminars
    Instructor-Led seminars limited to 10 students insure that each student gets instructor time and maximizes the information transferred.
  • Online Training
    There are a slew of affordable on-line and distance training options these days, some of which even come with certifications for less than you’ll likely pay for your shiny new iPhone over the course of a year.
  • Local Colleges / Trade Schools
    Many of these have very cost effective programs, especially if they are state or province (co) sponsored for local students.
  • Simulation Software
    Allows students to learn through tutorials and trial-and-error without risks to equipment or currently operating processes, often for just a few hundred dollars per student.
  • Webinars
    A sequence of properly selected webinars can often provide basic information at little or no cost.

So where can you find these resources? Start with the Sourcing Innovation Resource Site which lists dozens of affordable seminars, classroom training, and on-demand online training options as well as hundreds of archived webcasts and podcasts.