Open Call for Category Consulting Clarity

As some of you may have picked up from a recent comment of mine on Spend Matters, I got a bit of blasting behind the scenes for my recent post on how to deal with Yo Yo Contracts, with the notable exception of the constructive feedback from Barb Ardell of Paladin who was willing to publicly share her advice with you. The private feedback ranged from statements that I didn’t know what I was talking about because I’m not a “real” sourcing consultant (I never claimed to be a sourcing consultant, I’m a sourcing technology and process expert who freely admits his only category expertise is in IT … and that’s why you never seen me advertising traditional sourcing services through my consulting practice), through statements that questioned practicality (a matter of opinion), to stuff that I wouldn’t (or couldn’t) post, repeat, or respond to.

Usually my readers are pretty quiet, so I found this a bit surprising and, upon further contemplation, promising. If people are willing to get riled up over this topic, then they must be passionate enough to want to write about it. So, in lieu of the cross-blog series that I would normally try to pull together to kick off spring conference season, I’ve instead opted to run a special guest series on category sourcing, starting the week of April 27. I’ve already invited some of the thought leaders who’ve previously posted on SI to submit a piece on how you can save money on raw materials, goods, and/or services in these troubled times, but I don’t want to exclude anyone who wants to take a crack at educating the space. So, if you want to be front and center on SI, just drop me a line or send me a draft post and we’ll get to work on putting you in the limelight.