How to Connect with the doctor

While some of you might think that the doctor has a bit of an anti-social streak because he’s still faceless, spaceless, and twitter-free, that’s not the case. the doctor just has no time for useless social networking sites that do nothing but suck up your valuable time while offering you little or no value in return.

the doctor is on Linked-in, Plaxo, and Ki-Work and is even looking into other useful services like Trip-it and SlideShare because he believes in business networks and business tools that enhance your productivity, knowledge, and networking capability in the true spirit of B2B 3.0. In addition, the doctor has set up the Sourcing Innovation Linked-in Group and the Sourcing Innovation Plaxo Group where you can discuss topics addressed on SI, ask questions, and even recommend future topics!

I really hope you’ll join and participate in the SI Group. Whereas some blogs exist just to feed the blogger’s ego, Sourcing Innovation is all about educating, informing, and, maybe even, inspiring you. (I can assure you that the doctor has no self-esteem problems. He knows he’s awesome.) Sourcing Innovation is about down-to-earth discussions about technologies, strategies, best-practices, and innovations that you can use. And if you have great idea for future series, I’m all ears. Furthermore, if I can’t provide you with the knowledge you seek, I’m quite happy to invite the experts that can. (Sourcing Innovation has already featured more thought leaders than just about every other blog in the supply and spend management space combined, and, as per last week’s post on how Sourcing Innovation brings you the best from the best, I’m working on lining up dozens more as you read this!)

So if you’re looking for the doctor, feel free to send me an e-mail (thedoctor <at> sourcinginnovation <dot> com) or to reach out on one of the networks above.