Ode to the SpendFool

Traditionally, Sourcing Innovation would chronicle the wit and wisdom of the SpendFool on December 31, but ever since he announced his departure in the seventh comment to a post on SpendMatters last year, he’s been quiet. As a result, there are no comments to base my annual wit and wisdom post, which chronicled the best of the ‘Fool’s comments during the year. So instead, I bring you “Ode to the SpendFool” in the hopes that the ‘Fool will accept my offer and return to the space (as a[n anonymous] contributor on Sourcing Innovation should the ‘Fool so desire).

Ode to the SpendFool

so full of wit

who could strike down with his pen

the loudest of twits

Ode to the SpendFool

experienced and wise

since the departure of your voice

others have tried to improvise

but none have approached

the supernatural shiver

that your prophetic words

would always deliver

So I beg your return

before the realm of the blog

becomes a wasteland

covered in fog

For those of us left

fighting the surge

without your help

could soon be submerged

by the voices of irony

and the voices of doubt

and the voices of fear

that would spread chaos about

lies of omission

and tales of despair

of those that think before acting

and let their savings vanish into thin air

We know the truth

and spread it we try

but we’re few against many

who try to drown out our cry

So return to us SpendFool

let the space here you wail

with your pen on our side

we may yet prevail!

For those of you who yearn for yesteryear when the ‘Fool’s voice was strong,

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