Your Boss Giving You a Hard Time? Have you Considered War?

You’ve played shoot your boss a hundred times. You bought White Goat so you could wipe your behind with his memos. You even altered the bar code on his car so he couldn’t get into his gated community last night. But it’s still not enough.

Your boss is an obnoxious jackass to you and you need your revenge. Cubicle Wars just aren’t enough anymore. You need more. And if you’re in San Francisco or New York, StreetWars* wants to give it to you!

Tell your boss if he’s all he says he is, that he should accept your challenge and sign up for street wars — a three week long, 24/7 assassination tournament (with water guns). If he has what it takes, you’ll see him in the finals. If not, then you’ll know who the real sharp shooter of the office is.

* Neither Sourcing Innovation nor the doctor have any affiliation with StreetWars. the doctor just thinks it would be a really cool way to settle a grudge match and find out once and for all who’s better — you or your boss. Have fun! (And remember, it’s all about the thrill of victory and the humiliation of defeat.)