Marketing is a Huge Savings Opportunity

Sourcing Innovation’s recent Illumination on Strategic Spend Visibility noted that best-in-class companies that strategically source their marketing spend save an average of 14.7% on five marketing and spend categories compared with a mere 7.8% savings for all other enterprises (as per a recent Aberdeen Group study) and that, across the board, with good visibility, an average marketing organization can easily find 20% to 25% savings with Procurement’s help (as per a recent Ariba report).

Why? Last year’s report from the Marketing Supply Chain Institute on why you need to Define Where to Streamline makes it clear. A surprising 62.9% of survey respondents admitted they had never undertaken a comprehensive audit and analysis of costs and process efficiencies in their marketing supply chain. Almost two thirds of companies have never analyzed their costs! (And yet they wonder how most of their supplier reps can afford to drive Beamers, Benzs, and Jags!) Furthermore, only 10.8% are adopting workflow or collaboration systems to reduce costs, only 11.5% have a back-end marketing platform to optimize resources and process, and only 14.2% admit that their marketing is fragmented.

In other words, Marketing is a savings gold mine. Turn your strategic spend analysis system loose and the savings opportunities you discover will be numerous indeed.

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