Daily Archives: January 16, 2011

It Truly Is The Great Recession

This recent inforgraphic on The Great Recession over on Focus.com really puts things into perspective on how bad the Jobless Recovery really is. As the infographic begins, Americans are suffering the highest figures of unemployment since The Great Depression, and the worst part, there’s no end in sight. Employers are still intending to make do with what they have for as long as possible, even though job satisfaction is at an all time low.

Considering that it will take the US nine more years to recover the jobs lost during the recession at the current rate of job creation, it’s unlikely that the economy is going to bounce back quickly. The end of the recession is going to linger on and when the emergency benefits run out for the 4.04 M people on it, it’s going to be obvious that it truly is the Great Recession.

America and India Respond to Rising Food Prices

America: Let’s introduce S. 510, a bill so poorly designed that not only will it fail to increase food safety (as the FDA doesn’t have the budget to properly enforce it), but it will increase food prices even further as most small food producers, farmer’s markets, and organic growers in particular will not be able to afford to comply and go out of business (which decreases the food supply and increase prices).

India: Let’s open vegetable sales counters in an effort to make sure our own people can afford to eat despite the spiralling prices of essential commodities and vegetables (as it’s unconscionable that our own people can’t afford onions).

What response do you think is better?