Some Good Advice from Hackett on Building a Better Procurement Scorecard

Supply Management is about more than cost. Much more. But it’s hard to make the point if all that you’re measured on are (soon to be very elusive) cost savings. So you need to be measured on a scorecard, preferably one that’s balanced. But what should it contain? A recent Supply Chain Brain article indicated it should focus on service. CPO Rising indicates that you should focus on categories. And SourceOne authors Bill & Joe say to focus on the balanced scorecard.

Hackett indicates that the following considerations are important

  • innovation
  • supply assurance / supply risk
  • regulatory compliance
  • working capital
  • P2P process efficiency
  • supplier diversity

and I would agree that they are all relevant to Supply Management, but what I really like is their 10 key considerations to keep in mind when developing your next scorecard that should help ensure a more holistic level of success that starts off:

  1. Align with the Business
    While most organizations have still failed to realize this fact, Supply Management is the business. Now that companies no longer make what they sell, supply management now serves the most critical function – as there is no product without it. So its critical that supply management closely align with the business and provide the business what it needs.
  2. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

    When creating a scorecard, its critical to consolidate to a manageable set of metrics. Otherwise, the complexity becomes overwhelming and the utility of the tool becomes increasingly diminished . While it’s important to include all of the key contributions that supply management makes, the scorecard should only measure the key contributions that provide the organization the most value. Your organization might do 101 things, but probably only needs to report on the top 11 or 21.
  3. Compare Externally
    While not all measures need to be externally benchmarked, the organization does need to understand what the measures mean.

Check out this article on My Purchasing Center for their other seven key considerations for developing a scorecard that will help your Supply Management organization achieve a holistic level of success.