Daily Archives: January 13, 2013

The UK Needs To Realize There Are Some Arms Races You Don’t Want to Win!

Less than two weeks ago I asked if The Air Force’s Billion Dollar Flop [is] the Biggest Supply Chain Failure in History. I thought it would be years before we saw another contender for the biggest supply chain failure in history. Years, not days. But after reading this article over on Supply Management . com on how major defence project costs ‘balloon’ by £6.6 Billion over in the UK, it seems we have a new candidate.

In US Dollars, that’s over 10.5 Billion dollars! And, as per the article, that’s on the 16 largest Ministry of Defence (MoD) projects alone! What about the projects that constitute the other 75% of the MoD budget? How much are they overrun? I shudder to even attempt the math!

I’m sure the UK is still holding a grudge that America revolted back in 1774 and started the revolutionary war (in 1775) which America won when they gained their sovereignty with the Treaty of Paris in 1783, but there are some challenges the UK should just let them win. Beside the fact that it has been 230 years and the UK should just let it go, do they really want top the supply chain failures list?