Daily Archives: January 19, 2013

I Hope You’re Not Paying a Wealth Investment Advisor!

Because if you are, the only person getting wealthy out of the deal is the investment advisor on your money! Especially when your LOLCat can do a better job, and will work for temptations and catnip!

As per this recent article in the The Observer, a ginger tabby named Orlando beat a team of professionals and a group of students in a year-long stock-picking experiment summarized in a recent article on how Orlando is the cat’s whiskers of stock picking. The cat, who selected stocks by throwing his favourite toy mouse on a grid of numbers allocated to different companies, beat Justin Urquhart Stewart of Seven Investment Management, Paul Kavanagh of Killick & Co, and Andy Brough of Schroders who had decdes of investment knowledge.

So if you really want to beat the market, replace your stock analysts with cats who are just as accurate (and don’t put much faith into predictive analytics no matter how much big data you have).