Daily Archives: March 10, 2013

Ping Me Now

I’m just an instant message online
You can pop up a window any time
And ima listen to all you got to say
Cause I’m the type of man that never turn a demo away
Think of this as an invitation
Your brain to mine in a conversation
So when things get to much to bear like the twitter sphere
I’ll be there
Just message me on the internet
Hit me up when you’ve got no air
And I’ll give you an online review
Until your brand rings true
Or if you want to you know what you could do, why
You could always get on the train, take a chance and sponsor SI

Ping me now, ping me now
(Ping me now, ping me now)
Ping me now, ping me now
(Ping me now)

I hate to see you flounder while the media
Acts like your product is a game
I know their types and they’re all the same
Playing fast and loose without a care
Co, if I was in you shoes they’d be outta there
PR is whack, good for nothin’ but flack
I’d tell them to pack and hit the road jack
Who loves ya baby? I do not know
But they don’t care about you, let them go
Where they at now? you don’t know
Layin’ on the beach just out of reach
Just let me write, you know I will get it right
Cause yo I’m the best and the stats will vow
That I’ll be here, so ping me now

Ping me now, ping me now
(Ping me now, ping me now)
Ping me now, ping me now
(Ping me now)

Now I know this sounds like a fairy tale
But know this ain’t no children’s book
I’m here for you, so take a look
Open your eyes and see what SI entails
And if you blink then you might miss
Something great, don’t make a mistake
Pay attention to what we’re doing
Marketing’s full of pitfalls, ups and downs
Its own type of mission
You’re on a rocky road
You could turn off, just make that decision
You want the blog that will review you fair
If you’re ready to not be disavowed
Then you can ping me now

This one is to the Fresh Prince’s classic, Ring My Bell