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LOLCAT Says – Canada, Do NOT Vote Conservative!

LOLCat, the election is coming up on October 19 (2015) and Harperman, the same individual whose party is effectively holding cancer sufferers, survivors, and their affected kin hostage by not matching up to $35 Million of donations unless the party is re-elected (Source: CBC News), wants to be re-elected.

What do you think, LOLCat. Should Canadians vote Conservative and, by definition, put the Harperman back in office? (Remembering that politics in this country does not work like politics in the United States. Whomever leads the party that gets the most seats gets to be Prime Minister, even if he [or she] is not elected in her riding!)

Before you answer, let me remind you that the Harperman is the same individual who:

  • forced Canada into the TPP negotiations
  • withdrew us from the Kyoto Protocol (making us the first developed country in the world to withdraw from this planet saving protocol)
  • cut funding to Veterans Affairs to the point that a Veterans Group has launched an Anyone But Conservatives campaign, Green Party included! (Source: Huffington Post)
  • … and then spent over $700,000 fighting a class-action lawsuit fighting wounded Afghan veterans who just wanted the benefits and care they were promised (Source: Huffington Post)
  • runs Billion dollar deficits while cutting social programs (Source: They Tyee)
  • introduced controversial bill C-51, which, according to the OSCE, violates Universal Principles of Human Rights and gives CSIS unprecedented new powers to spy on individual Canadians and revoke terrorist propaganda (Source: National Post)
  • put our safety in jeopardy every time we leave the house by slashing funding across all safety programs at Transport Canada (Source: Global News)
  • pushed First Nations to give up the rights to their land for oil and gas, land that took them decades upon decades to reclaim (Source: The Guardian)
  • spent over 1.3 Million fighting sick moms’ EI disability benefits, wait, what?!? (Source: The Globe and Mail)
  • made a secret arms deal with Saudi Arabia (Source: The Globe and Mail)
  • and who is, in leading Canadian minds, gasp!, pro-war (Source: Globe and Mail)
    and who apparently loves the smell of napalm in the morning
    (how anti-Canadian can you get? There’s a reason we’ve went from being one of the best respected countries in the world to a country that is literally spit on!)

And who has committed more sins than we can document in a single post, but which have been chronicled and made freely available by CUSP (Citizens United for a Sustainable Planet) on The Harper Sin List* page.

What say you, LOLCat?

We agree, LOLCat, we agree. Harper has singlehandedly ignored Canadian ways while destroying our reputation and our cultural heritage.

In the words of Tony Turner:

Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

We’ve had enough of your not-so-benign dictatorship!

There’s a reason the Canadian Christians think Harper’s clock is in Jesus’ office.