Daily Archives: May 4, 2016

FusionOps, Supply Chain Intelligence in the Cloud

FusionOps, a supply chain intelligence company that recently raised 25M, was founded in 2005 in Sunnyvale, California (the birthplace of Ariba) to automate ERP-based business processes (like direct materials Procurement and supplier collaboration) that could not be effectively accomplished using the stand-alone sourcing and procurement solutions of the day. However, around 2009, they switched directions and started amalgamating “big data” from ERP, MRP, and other Supply Chain and Supply Management systems in an effort to extract actionable intelligence for their clients.

As part of this evolution, they realized that in order to amalgamate the data that was required to compute metrics that would lead to useful, actionable insights that would guide enterprises in cost reduction, efficiency improvements, and customer service improvements, they would have to extract “big data” from a MDM solution. But most companies do not have a MDM (master data management) solution, “big data” scientists to work on the data, or the know how. As a result, FusionOps realized that they had to focus on “big data as a service” though a “supply chain intelligence cloud” which provided their clients with the metrics and models they need for diagnostic, predictive, and even prescriptive analytics.

The FusionOps solution s a pure SaaS-based solution with an open API that can be used to integrate with any supply chain / supply management solution that can import or export data. Out-of-the-Box it can integrate with over a dozen platforms including SAP, Oracle, Infor, JDA, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM, IFS, Kinaxis, and QAD. The solution is implemented as an application suite that combines S&OP, Procurement, Finance, Inventory, Quality, Production Planning, Sales, and Customer Service data into a cohesive whole across 50+ built-in models that cover over 1,000 KPIs across the inbound, internal, and outbound supply chains.

From this data, the platform can create customized reports, dashboards, and even infographics, which can be easily extended, modified, and enhanced by the user. This makes it easy for the system to be used for day to day tactical operations planning, reporting, executive briefings, and strategic planning. Many of their larger clients use the system in C-Suite briefings and Board briefings, as the reports and graphics can be configured to use company colours and templates.

For a deep-dive on the solution — including the three-main dashboard, report builder, and reporting solutions — check out the doctor and the prophet‘s deep dive over on Spend Matters Pro (membership required) which will dive into the strengths, weaknesses, and unique capabilities.