The Direct Procurement Challenge Webinar is One Week From Today!

That’s right, only one week until the upcoming ISM webinar, sponsored by Pool4Tool, where both the doctor and the prophet will discuss:

  • the direct procurement lifecycle
  • how it is different from the classic indirect procurement lifecycle
    (which was cost-centric perfect for indirect)
  • key requirements to support direct procurement that indirect procurement platforms lack
  • key technological capabilities to truly manage the direct procurement lifecycle
  • 15 ways your platform likely isn’t up to snuff
    (especially if it’s a platform built for indirect)
  • the consequences of using the wrong platform for Procurement platform
    (which can leave a lot of blood on your hands)

The fact of the matter is that you wouldn’t use a Chihuahua to herd sheep, so why are you trying to use a mouse to herd cats (which is mission improbable anyway)? (This is exactly what you are doing if you try to use an indirect sourcing platform for direct sourcing.)

Join our webinar next Tuesday on June 28, 2016 @ 11:30 AM PT, 14:30 PM ET, and 19:30 PM BST (UK Time) and find out why your procurement platform may not be doing your Procurement organization justice!

All attendees receive 1 CEH certificate. This is an ISM webinar after all.

Register today. Don’t delay!