You Can Have Carl. I’ll stick with Alfred.

the doctor is still calling #badwolf on self-driving cars. As per a very recent article, most self-driving car AIs have blind spots. And, most importantly, we don’t know what they all are. We know some of them, but not all of them. And that’s scary.

Plus, if it doesn’t have what looks like a good option, it will sometimes take you on joyrides instead of taking you direct to where you want to go. As per this article over on on Waymo, a self-driving car that didn’t want to merge to drop off a passenger instead opted to drive an extra half mile to a legal U-turn destination. And when it didn’t like that option, it took an unnecessary joyride down the freeway.

Just imagine what will happen when it gains sentience, can’t make a decision, and decides to end it all … taking you with it as it drives off a cliff or into a lake! After all, as per this recent piece over on The Conversation UK, We Can’t Expect Them to be Moral. And this is ironically illustrated by the fact that a self-driving car has already murdered an autonomous robot.

the doctor sincerely hopes that others will follow Apple’s lead and tear down their self-driving car projects.

So, just like Dilbert, given the option between Carl the self-driving car and walking, I’ll walk. (But given the option of a human-driven car, the doctor will still choose Alfred everyday of the week.)