Daily Archives: July 12, 2019

Marketing Recognizes Procurement. Does That Mean We’re Sexy Now?

The World Federation of Advertisers, or the WFA, which is a global trade association for multi-national advertisers and national advertisers, quietly launched a Global Sourcing Board about six weeks ago to revolutionize the practice and perception of marketing procurement as per this press release.

According to the press release, the ambition is to reposition procurement as a driver of company growth rather than a seeker of savings, transforming cultures and approach within sourcing teams as well as perceptions across the wider marketing, finance and agency community.

Great ambition, and desperately needed, but how much change is going to be driven by a board of 12 people that meets only four times a year? No matter how big the companies they work for are?

At least we can say if a global marketing organization is recognizing procurement then we must be getting sexy. Too bad they’re not doing more to promote us.