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Source-to-Pay+ is Extensive (P36) … Here are some Intake/Orchestration Vendors

As promised in our last installment, Part 35, here is a partial, starting list of intake/orchestration vendors that provide one or more of the following capabilities:

  • Intake management (and requester/stakeholder visibility into the process)
  • Project/process management throughout the source-to-pay cycle
  • Orchestration between multiple applications

As with other every list, we must inform you that this list is in no way complete (as no analyst is aware of every company — and sometimes a new company launches its first product, or a new product literally after one of these lists goes up), is only valid as of the date of posting (as companies sometimes go out of business and acquisitions happen all of the time in our space), and does not include vendors which have project management limited to just one (or more) of their internal modules.

As with our lists of e-Procurement Companies (in Part 7), Spend Analysis Companies (in Part 12), Sacred Cow Companies that do, or support, customized “spend” analysis on Marketing, Legal, and SaaS (in Part 13), Supplier Management Companies (in Part 20), Contract Management Companies (in Part 25), and e-Sourcing Companies (in Part 30), and Invoice-to-Pay/Accounts Payable Companies (Part 33), we provide the company name, URL and LinkedIn URL if available, headquarters country, and list other offerings we are aware of.

Remember that if we say Source-to-Pay, it means that vendor offers modules that cover (baseline) Sourcing, Supplier/Vendor Management, Contract Management, Spend Analytics, e-Procurement, and Invoice-to-Pay/Accounts Payable. As to whether or not SI would consider these modules meeting the majority of baseline functional requirements, you will have to check the previously published starting vendor lists in those areas and other prior coverage on SI (if available).

Do your research, and reach out to an expert for help if you need it in compiling a starting list of relevant, comparable, vendors for your organization and your needs. For many of these vendors, good starting points are the Sourcing Innovation archives, Spend Matters Pro and Gartner Cool Vendor write-ups if any of these sources has a write-up on the vendor.

And while this list is currently (much) smaller than the other lists, as it’s pretty easy to find at least 60 vendors for any core module you want in Source to Pay, and we barely cracked the twenties with this list, we don’t expect it will stay that way for long!

Shout-out to The Revolutionary and The Procurement Dynamo for their thoughts on what vendors might fit into this emerging category!

Company LinkedIn
HQ (State) Country I P O Other Offerings / Notes
Arkestro 98 California, USA O e-Sourcing
Celigo 720 California, USA O Integration Platform, App Marketplace
Cirtuo 40 Austria P Category Management, Supplier Management
Focal Point 26 Georgia, USA I O
Graphite Connect 66 Utah, USA I Supplier Management
Ivalua 912 California, USA I P Source-to-Pay
Kissflow 528 Delaware, USA O e-Procurement, I2P/AP
LevelPath 22 California, USA O
Mercell Negometrix ?? Netherlands I e-Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Management, e-Procurement
Omnea 16 United Kingdom O
Opstream 13 New York, USA I New York, USA
Oro 60 California, USA I Supplier Management
Pega 6081 Massachusetts, USA O
Pipefy 580 California O
Qntrl 16 India O
ServiceNow 23,206 California, USA O e-Procurement
Spend HQ Per Angusta 53 France O Spend Analysis, ESG
WorkFridge InGeek 7 India O
ZFlow 8 California, USA O
Zip 351 California, USA I e-Procurement, I2P/AP
Zycus 1607 New Jersey, USA I P Source-to-Pay

We aren’t done yet … we dive deeper into the capabilities required starting in Part 37.