Daily Archives: September 4, 2023

Dear (Software) Vendor: If you Missed the Ten (+ 2 Bonus) Best Practices for Success, Time to Catch Up Now!

  • Part 1 Best Practices #1 to #3
  • Part 2 Best Practices #4 to #7
  • Part 3 Best Practices 8 to 10
  • Part 4 Bonus Best Practice #1
  • Part 5 Bonus Best Practice #2

In twenty years as an independent analyst and consultant, the doctor has never encountered a small/mid-size vendor who wasn’t doing at least one of these, usually there were a couple they weren’t doing, and the lack of these practices (and knowledge) was (and sometimes still is) holding these vendors back. In other words, you definitely should read these. We are only posting these articles once.