Two Hundred and Forty One Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Four

Two Hundred and Forty One Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Four words later (including the words herein, but excluding the words in comments), or Four Hundred and twelve posts later (not counting guest posts on other blogs), and Sourcing Innovation turns one. Although not a long time, even in net-time, it is significant in blog-time, especially for a blog that posts daily!

It has been a very good year. Growth has exploded from barely two dozen hits a day to over two thousand, and traffic is still, almost linearly, increasing month over month and week over week. (So for all you nibblers out there, now would be a good time to actually bite and put your logo over on the right hand side.)

But the best is yet to come. Even though this blog has covered the full range of the sourcing cycle, from spend analysis through contract and performance management, with a heavy dose of optimization thrown in, addressed the complementary procurement cycle from end to end as well, and discussed a host of timely issues such as X-Cost Country Sourcing, Global Trade and Supply Chain Finance, and the Talent issue, I can guarantee that we’ve only scratched the surface of Sourcing Innovation.

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