the doctor’s Guest Posts: The Year in Review

Over the past year, I’ve blogged a number of guest posts over on eSourcing Forum, including forty posts last summer as part of the weekend series. For new(er) readers to the blog, here is a list of all guest posts over on eSourcing Forum with direct links.

Weekend Series Posts

Purchasing Innovation I: An Introduction
Purchasing Innovation II: TRIZ
Purchasing Innovation III: The Verifier Approach
Purchasing Innovation IV: Innovation Continued
Purchasing Innovation V: Sourcing the New Organization
Purchasing Innovation VI: CrowdSourcing
Purchasing Innovation VII: The Road Ahead
Purchasing Innovation VIII: Transforming New Product Development
Purchasing Innovation IX: The Purchasing Evolution!

On Demand I: The Good
On Demand II: The Not-So-Bad
On Demand III: And the Coming Pretty …

Cost Reduction and Avoidance I: An Introduction
Cost Reduction and Avoidance II: Metrics
Cost Reduction and Avoidance III: Incentivize for Success!

Supply Risk Management I: An Introduction
Supply Risk Management II: Risks and the Need for Resilience
Supply Risk Management III: Managing Risk

Supplier Performance Management I: An Introduction
Supplier Performance Management II: The Road to Success
Supplier Performance Management III: Best Practices

Demand Driven Supply I: An Introduction
Demand Driven Supply II: Stages and Implications
Demand Driven Supply III: Challenges and Implementation

Center Led Procurement I: An Introduction
Center Led Procurement II: A Center of Excellence
Center Led Procurement III: Best Practices

Procurement Outsourcing I: Is it right for you?
Procurement Outsourcing II: Selecting a PSP
Procurement Outsourcing III: Getting the most out of your PSP

Optimization I: A Powerful Tool
Optimization II: Why it was Relegated to the Shadows
Optimization III: Why it’s time is finally here
Optimization IV: POE or BoB?

Six Sigma I: An Introduction
Six Sigma II: Innovative Quality
Six Sigma III: Value Based Strategic Sourcing

Weekend Series Wrap Up I: Process and Technology
Weekend Series Wrap Up II: Supply Chain Management
Weekend Series Wrap Up III: The Innovation Revolution

Miscellaneous Posts

Lead Time Optimization: Groundbreaking New Technology or just Applied Total Value Management-based Decision Optimization in Disguise?
Sustained Sourcing Success
Are there any limits to procurement’s role?
Outsourcing Gets Tough
Design for Supply
The Benefits of an End-to-End e-Sourcing Suite
Accelerating Value with On-Demand: An Aberdeen Perspective
Supplier Enablement Enables Savings

And just in case you missed it, here’s a link to the chaos-causing post on Emptoris’ optimization over on Spend Matters.
The Doc’s Perspective on Emptoris’ Optimization