10+2 Is In Effect. Are Your Trade Programs Ready?

The requirements of the Importer Security Filing, 10+2, took effect on January 26. The clock is now ticking, and there are only eleven months left in the CBP informed compliance period to achieve full compliance before full enforcement and (significant) monetary penalties take effect.

Under the Importer Security Filing initiative, the electronic transmission of 10 data elements from an importer (or its freight forwarder), and 2 from the vessel, must be executed no later than 24 hours prior to the loading of cargo onto a vessel destined for the US, shifting data transmission to an earlier stage of the supply chain distribution process.

If a company does not comply, it can be fined a minimum of $5,000 for each violation. If you do a lot of importing, that will add up fast.

Are you in compliance? Are you sure? If you don’t have good trade visibility, and don’t verify the 10+2 submissions filed (on your behalf by your freight forwarder and broker), you might not be … and you won’t know it without good trade visibility. Moreover, you might be risking other non-compliance losses. For more insight, check out the latest Sourcing Innovation Illumination on Why You Need Trade Visibility.