Metrics for the Restaurant Industry

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A recent article in CIO Insight on Ruby Tuesday: Feasting on IT Metrics outlined some metrics that could be very useful to the restaurant industry at large. In brief, they were:

  • Capital Expenditure as a Percentage of ROI
    Is it worth even starting the project?
  • Voided Orders
    This is a good loss performance metric.
  • Number of credit card transactions
    This is simultaneously a performance metric and a loss prevention metric, since credit card payments not only constitute a percentage of business, but potential chargebacks.
  • Tip Percentages
    As well as an indicator of customer service, this can be a leading indicator of customer financial health. (Customers who feel financially secure are more likely to leave a healthy tip.)
  • Coupon Redemption Rates
    An indicator of profitability, it’s also a leading indicator of customer financial health.

While a short article, it is an interesting one.