Green Your Packaging

Supply Chain Brain recently ran a decent article on 10 Steps to Green Packaging in the CPG Industry that had a few insights that are worth a closer look.

  1. Replenish
    Purchase raw materials from suppliers who employ sustainable resource management policies.
  2. Re-explore
    Use recyclable material.
  3. Reduce
    Use ergonomic design and optimization to minimize the use, and size, of packaging material.
  4. Replace
    Replace hazardous and harmful substances with eco-friendly materials.
  5. Reconsider
    Use renewable materials whenever possible.
  6. Review
    Inspect, monitor, and control waste in the packaging process.
  7. Recall
    Immediately recall harmful packaging and put processes in place to insure that harmful packaging does not get used again.
  8. Redeem
    Collaborate with retailers and collect reusable and recyclable packaging materials in exchange for discounts.
  9. Reinforce
    Set up a Centre of Excellence (COE) to disseminate environmental best practices throughout the organization.
  10. Register
    Sign up for carbon reduction commitment initiative and follow-through.

For more information on the 10Rs, as well as examples on how to achieve them, check out 10 Steps to Green Packaging in the CPG Industry.

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