7 Tips to Align Procurement with the Boardroom

A recent article by Alexander Arsath Ro’is of Benefit, an Amsterdam Procurement Consulting Company, provided 7 tips on how to align procurement with the boardroom that are worth a second look. Based on research they conducted with two Dutch universities, which led to the construction of the Benefit Boardroom Alignment Assessment Methodology, they concluded that the following best practices would benefit any company that wants to align procurement with the boardroom and wants to start with an accurate assessment of the current state.

  1. Tell the Board First
    Make sure your Board understands the challenges before you start an assessment of your current state.
  2. Be Absent from Assessments
    This will allow the CEO, CFO, COO, and other CXOs to speak freely about their expectations of Procurement.
  3. Put Your View Across
    Initiate dialogue with the Board to challenge views in a positive way and talk about opportunities that will arise from a proper alignment.
  4. Remember, It’s a Start
    Alignment isn’t a precise measure — it’s a way to get perceptions in tune with reality.
  5. Ascertain What Others Want
    The goal is to be on the same page with what the Board expects and what your internal customers want.
  6. Create Understanding
    Effective alignment will only result when Procurement fits with the rest of the organization.
  7. Ask: Are You Ready
    An assessment won’t help if the organization isn’t ready for an accurate assessment of where things are and isn’t willing to do what’s necessary to get where it needs to be.

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