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Solution Providers — Sourcing Innovation Is Here For You!

Your favorite Reed Business Information Publication may be gone, but you have options — much better ones. Unlike tired old-media publications and web sites, Sourcing Innovation is going strong and growing month over month. Sourcing Innovation attracts up to 15,000 unique pairs of eyeballs every month, who make approximately 50,000 unique visits that access about 250,000 pages. That’s equivalent to the entire Encyclopedia Britannica being downloaded over 50 times, every month.

While Sourcing Innovation may not offer every service the publications offered, it offers quite a few, and I’d argue that some are better. Here are just a handful of offerings that you can take advantage of:

VISIBILITY: Blog Sponsorships and Resource Site Sponsorships

Every visitor sees your logo on every page they load. For a low monthly fee, this can generate 250,000 impressions … and studies have shown that impressions are much more valuable than click-throughs, and enormously better than rotating banner ads that are completely ignored by readers.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Illuminations and Inspirations

You can sponsor a Sourcing Innovation Illumination, SI’s flagship publication designed to educate, inform, and illuminate the market on important problems and solutions. Unlike the productions of many analyst firms, it goes beyond arbitrary metrics and dives into the real issues and challenges that a buyer has to understand before he or she will consider buying your solution. Also, at 7-12 pages, it’s deep enough to convey meaning, but not so long that it isn’t an easy read.

And starting in May, Sourcing Innovation will be launching Inspirations, shorter, more focused white papers that will zero in on problems and solutions within each of the primary focus areas covered by SI. At 3-7 pages, they’ll make good quick-hit introductions to important topics and issues for the busy C-suite executive or on-the-fence prospect.

LEAD GENERATION: New White Paper Library

Sourcing Innovation will be launching a white paper library where you can distribute your white papers on a cost-per-download or cost-per-lead basis.

In addition, SI will be maintaining its joint label and private label writing services which can generate a custom white paper for you that you can use in your lead-generation efforts.

EVENT PROMOTION: Event Advertisements on SI

As described in the FAQ, Sourcing Innovation would be pleased to advertise your event with a logo on the side-bar and a landing page of your choice. Advertised events are also included in the weekly “New and Upcoming Events” post on the blog.

Additional information on these, and other, services can be found in the FAQ.

For more information, e-mail thedoctor <at> sourcinginnovation <dot> com or call 773 598 8846 (US) or 020 7193 4883 (UK).

New and Upcoming Events from the #1 Supply Chain Resource Site

The Sourcing Innovation Resource Site, always immediately accessible from the link under the “Free Resources” section of the sidebar, continues to add new content on a weekly, and often daily, basis — and it will continue to do so.

The following is a short selection of upcoming webinars and events that you might want to check out in the coming weeks:

Date & Time Webcast

11:00 GMT-07:00/MST/PDT

Multisourcing Strategy: The Value of Right-Sizing, Right-Placing, and Right-Tasking

Sponsor: Principal Financial Group


12:00 GMT-07:00/MST/PDT

Shifting Gears: Selling Yourself in a New Direction

Sponsor: ASTD


10:00 GMT-07:00/MST/PDT

Multisourcing Strategy: The Value of Right-Sizing, Right-Placing and Right-Tasking

Sponsor: Softtek


16:00 GMT-04:00/AST/EDT

Efficient Water Management

Sponsor: Bright Talk


11:00 GMT-06:00/CST/MDT

Designing and Managing Multiple Value Chains The Case of FG Brazil

Sponsor: Supply Chain Council


14:00 GMT-04:00/AST/EDT

Assembly Planning & Validation

Sponsor: PMC


14:00 GMT-04:00/AST/EDT

Looking to transform your supply chain and save money?

Sponsor: Logistics Management

Dates Conference Sponsor
2010-May-25 to


EASTEC 2010 Exposition

Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (North-America)

2010-May-30 to


The Canadian Transportation Research Forum’s 45th Annual Conference

Toronto, Ontario, USA (North-America)

Canadian Transportation Research Forum
2010-Jun-2 to


Consumer Packaged Goods Forecasting & Planning Innovation

Chicago, Illinois, USA (North-America)

IE Group
2010-Jun-2 to


AMR Research Supply Chain Executive Conference

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (North-America)

2010-Jun-7 to


U Connect 2010

San Antonio, Texas, USA (North-America)

U Connect

They are all readily searchable from the comprehensive Site-Search page. So don’t forget to review the resource site on a weekly basis. You just might find what you didn’t even know you were looking for!

And continue to keep a sharp eye out for new additions!

Is China Proving that International Trade is a Zero-Sum Game?

Recently, state-controlled Sinopec spent $4.65 billion (US) to become the first Chinese multinational to buy a direct stake in a major producing oil-sands project in Alberta (Canada) and buy out ConocoPhillips‘ 9% stake in Syncrude Canada Ltd (which is the trophy of Canada’s oil sands projects, producing 350K barrels a day). According to the Globe and Mail, the deal represents the next stage in Chinese investment in the oil sands, as Beijing-controlled companies scour the globe for energy resources and look to diversify the country’s growing imports away from the Middle East.

Sinopec is a subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., which started buying into Canadian Energy projects in 2008 with an initial purchase of a 40% interest in the proposed Northern Lights project in northern Alberta. (It is now a 50-50 partner with France’s Total SA.) China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. is also active in Canada, and will acquire a 60% stake in Athabasca Oil Sands Corp.’s Mackay and Dover projects, a 20% stake in Vancounver-based Teck Resources Ltd, and, in turn, a 20% share in Suncor Energy Inc.’s Fort Hills oil sands project. This is in addition to other holdings in Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and the Middle East.

Wondering what it all meant, I asked Dick Locke, SI’s resident expert in international trade. This is what he said:


Well, it means that sometimes international trade is a zero-sum game. That’s when multiple countries chase a disappearing resource.

The US is ill-equipped to deal with this one. Our government and opinion-makers are captured by the duology (if you’ll allow this as a word) of oil producers and car manufacturers who are very conservative about energy strategy. Our population patterns have way too many people living on large lots beyond the reach of effective public transport. China is doing a great job in both solar and wind power development. You probably saw that Applied Materials moved their solar cell manufacturing site and technical expertise to China (Technology Review).

While the Chinese government has real problems with human rights, it does think long term and is doing what’s best for its people in this aspect.

In other words, China knows that it needs more energy than it’s currently producing if it’s going to continue to support and modernize its population, and that, just as the world is looking to China as a producer of consumer goods, China needs to look to the world as a producer of energy … and will have to spend much of what it is making to acquire that energy. At some point, the outflows will have to equal the inflows and international trade will China will become a zero-sum game.

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