Daily Archives: April 10, 2010

Is a Clean City in Your Future?

I don’t care how green your city claims to be. Unless you follow São Paulo’s lead and ban outdoor advertising, you’ll never be green. Until I can walk down a street without having my eyes and ears constantly assaulted by product advertisements, you’re chalk full of noise pollution and no amount of greening is going to fix that.

To see my point, compare these images (from eduadoZ and katedubya) from ‘Clean City’ with the image of Las Vegas below (from eircell.ie). What looks cleaner to you?


Can’t Figure Out What to Do With That Religious Permission Slip?

Are you an atheist, agnostic, buddhist, hindu, islamic, sikh, or a member of the 72%+ of the global population who is not a Christian?

Are you tired of continual efforts to mix education and religion by your school?

Are you fed up with those permission slips coming home pre-checked?

Then David Thorne has the answer for you!

To find it, check out The Permission Slip on Crazy Crackerz (unless, of course, you are a Christian who is easily offended by those who might question your faith). Normally I like to avoid politics and religion on this blog, for obvious reasons, but I just found this particular illustrated comment thread too enjoyable to ignore!