How To Respond to Dubious Unsolicited Business Propositions

We all get them … that sleazy e-mail, call, or, when the con-artist, or, sales representative, is really ambitious, an impromptu office visit offering to slash your software license fees by 90%, reduce your toner cartridge costs by 60%, or securely meet all your cleaning needs for 20% less than the cleaning agency down the street. And we always know, in the back of our minds, that this is just another scam. But how do we respond? Especially when we know we should be polite and professional?

We should follow the lead of Mike Nash and confront the offeror with our suspicion. Because, sometimes, con-artists are more honest than your boss, who’s really only interested in climbing the corporate ladder on your back. Check out this skype transcript where, when a scammer was asked if his important business proposition was really an offer of millions of dollars that I won’t get because you’ll rip me off with advance fee fraud, the scammer, realizing the intended mark isn’t going to bite, got right to the point and said you are right and moved on.