If Optimization Can Clear Transit-Dependent Toronto in Two Hours …

… imagine what it could do to your supply network! While I regularly trumpet strategic sourcing decision optimization, because that’s where many of your significant savings opportunities lie, there are savings to be had throughout the supply chain. Some of those savings come from streamlined shipping. When you consider that each additional day in transit costs you one half of one percent of the value of the goods when you take into account:

  • shipping costs,
  • depreciation costs for limited life-span commodities, and
  • temporary storage costs, etc.

Every day you can take out of your shipping will save you money. By optimizing you network, your routes, your modes, your carriers, and your processes (and documentation), you can often take days off of your average shipment time! So why not optimize your network today? There are a number of providers who specialize in network and inventory optimization, including:

So take some inspiration from Hossam Abdelgawad, who just won the Young Researcher Award for his work on Managing Large-Scale Multimodal Emergency Evacuations and make a connection. Your network will thank you for it.

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