Daily Archives: August 28, 2010

What Is With This New Fangled Procurement Technology?

I say, what is with this new fangled procurement technology?

Back in my day we used a ledger

and a calculator

and we were able to track our costs just fine.

When it came time to negotiations, we offered incentive carrots

like free meals at fine upscale restaurants

and free trips to exotic locales like Aruba and Cancun.

If that didn’t work we brought out the big stick

and threatened to take our business to the supplier down the street

or to expose all the kickbacks the supplier rep took from the last deal.

We didn’t need any new fangled e-Sourcing technology to conduct our negotiations

or marketplace technology to handle our invoices

or e-Payment systems to pay our bills.

When we received the goods at our warehouse

we just handed over a big wad of cash

and everyone was happy.

Now get off my lawn!