Six Drivers of a Successful Supply Chain Strategy

In addition to offering insights into planning horizons and supply chain strategy drivers, the recent report on Supply Chain Strategy in the Board Room by the Cranfield School of Management and Solving Efeso also summarized six drivers of a successful supply chain strategy. While there were no surprises, the points do deserve reiterating.

  • A balanced input of vision.

    A strategy developed without the blinders on generally works better than one developed with the blinders on.

  • Frequent review.

    When there’s a regular review to insure the strategy is being followed and implemented properly, the strategy will tend to be more successful.

  • Balanced input of quantitative modelling.

    Decisions based on a consideration of facts tend to be better than decisions made solely by gut instinct.

  • Adaption.

    What gets adapted gets implemented.

  • Integrated risk management.

    A supply chain that is less prone to collapse tends to function better than one that is more prone to collapse.

  • Benefit tracking.

    What gets measured gets managed is a timeless truth.

It would have been nice to see more insightful drivers considered, but c’est la vie. The reality is that if every company made these six drivers part of their supply chain strategy checklist, the average supply chain would function much better than it does today.

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