When Looking To Your Norther Neighbor …

… don’t forget to look to the east as well!

A recent blog over on the Logistics Management site noted that, while the long term viability of U.S. West Coast ports is being called into question lately, Canada’s two leading Pacific Rim ocean cargo gateways are thriving. To date, the Port of Vancouver in British Columbia had an overall tonnage increase mid-year of 20% and the neighbouring port of Prince Rupert has sailed safely through the receding global economic storm, reaching its highest volume throughput since 1997.

What disappointed me is that the article completely neglected our major eastern port, Halifax, where container throughput climbed 41.4% this year. Specifically, container throughput in first quarter climbed 41.4% to 99,450 TEUs from the same quarter last year. While this doesn’t yet put Halifax on par with Prince Rupert (as one TEU is about 12 register tons), Halifax is gearing up for growth. The Port Authority and the Federal Government are investing 73 Million to improve the port’s infrastructure to handle the world’s biggest ships. Plus, with the second largest natural harbour in the world, there’s lots of room for expansion!

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