Analytics is for Industrial Manufacturers Too

I’ve written dozens, sorry, dozens upon dozens of posts on Analysis and why every organization should be using it. So I’m not going to go into the details again in this post, but make it crystal clear for you business types who have yet to sign the cheque:

      High-performance businesses — those that substantially outperform competitors over the long-term and across economic cycles — are five times more likely to use analytics strategically compared to their peers.
    Using More Analytics Can Help Industrial Manufacturers.

Now, it’s true that correlation is not causation, as Pinky and the Brain skillfully informed you in their lesson in statistics, but a multiplier of five is very significant. It means that the use of advanced analytics tools is definitely a common trait of industry leaders and if you’re not sure how to become an industry leader, the best way to start is to emulate what the leaders do.

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