Is a New Era Beginning For the Iconic Bunny?

Last year, we discovered that Playboy outsourced production of its monthly magazine and struck a deal to outsource its Asia operations to IMG Licensing Worldwide in a cost cutting effort that was expected to trim it’s staff by 50%. The only thing that went unscathed was the lavish lifestyle that Hugh Hefner was famous for. It looked like the American Dream was coming to an end and that the iconic bunny was about to go the way of its Lagomorphic ancestors.

But it looks like the bunny has a new lease on life. If this post from Appmodo is true, Playboy for iPad [is] Coming in March, Uncensored. With over 15 Million iPads out there, and a (conservative?) projection of at least 28 Million iPads by year end, that’s one heck of a digital market — especially if they are the first to break the Apple Nudity Barrier! Time to do the bunny hop.

Let’s hope that “Supply Management” gets to take credit for this one!