How Do You Improve Supply Chain Compliance in Developing Countries on a Budget?

As per this recent article in Industry Week on improving supply chain compliance in developing countries, many enterprises can improve environmental practices and worker safety very quickly, using the money, staff and local know-how they already have. All they have to do is the following:

  • Form a Sustainability Improvement Team
    from local talent. The local resources know the operations best and are in the best position to figure out what can be done.
  • Give them a deadline
    for a short term deliverable. The article suggests 100 days, which is not unreasonable if the team is allowed to set their own stretch goals.
  • Give them access to all the resources at their disposal.
    Any resource the company has should be made available to the team.

and, most importantly, and this is one point I would have liked to have seen made,

  • Don’t forget the engineers!
    Responsible for every technical advancement of the last century, they will be responsible for every technical advancement of the next one as well. And the application of technology to better the world for humanity is a goal of engineers worldwide. (For more information, see the IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge.)