Can Your Supply Chain Be More Agile? Yes It Can!

A recent article on speeding up business agility over on had some great tips for making your supply chain more agile.

  1. The CIO is Your Business Partner
    Let’s face it, the best supply management organizations run on modern technology platforms that have to be implemented quickly and efficiently and operate 24/7/365. Supply Management needs to make a partner out of IT to insure that this happens.
  2. Foster a Culture of Innovation
    Yesterday’s best practice is today’s common practice is tomorrow’s laggard practice. The best organizations are constantly innovating, and this takes an innovative culture.
  3. Use Software to Fail Fast and Minimize Risk
    Model potential supply strategies and simulate both expected flow and disrupted flows to insure that the supply strategy chosen has the maximum chance of succeeding in today’s volatile and unpredictable global market place.
  4. Integrate IT at the Grass-Roots Level
    Not only is the CIO your business partner, but IT is part of every sourcing team. You need their support, and they need your help to minimize their costs. And they are your best ally when you need a new system.
  5. Establish Centers of Excellence
    Not only are the best supply management organizations generally center-led or hybrid (center-led / centralized models), but they have teams dedicated to nothing but strategy and innovation.

These are all great pieces of advice. They are so good that not only has SI recommended each individually before, but will do so again. Agile supply chains survive volatile times. Make yours agile before its too late.