Next Level Supply Management Excellence: Your Straight to the Bottom Line Roadmap

Leading analysts and practitioners have recognized for a while now that supply management practices and methodologies must be taken to the “next level” if supply management is going to continue to deliver the returns the organization expects.

But most professionals have had no idea how to accomplish this as there have been no manuals or guidebooks … until now.

Next Level Supply Management Excellence (by Robert Rudzki and Robert Trent) is the first book to not only define the foundations of a “next level” supply management organization, but to also provide a transformation roadmap that an organization can use to make the transition.

From advanced collaboration and negotiations management through idealized design and energy management to a detailed discussion of risk management and complexity, this is the first book that will help you understand where the untapped opportunities are, how to tackle them, and how to realize sustainable savings while identifying and managing risk from a bottom-line perspective.

The discussions of idealized design and complexity alone will have you looking at your supply chain in a whole new light.

So, don’t just read Next Level Supply Management Excellence, devour it! (And follow the link to order it today.)