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CBTM #3: Help!!! Recruiting Next Practices Needed!

Today’s guest post is from Anne Kohler of The MPower Group, co-founder and COO.

We have been hearing about Sourcing / Supply Chain organizations which are looking for up to 400 people. How does any company find themselves in a situation where they need that many people all at once? I guess one could blame an ill managed recruiting function but I suspect that the entire Talent Management program (if there is one?) is broken. As noted in our last post, Talent Management has five phases, all of which must be integrated and treated individually and collectively as a system in order to be effective. We advocate that a talent management program MUST be competency based (“CBTM”) to be sustainable and must cover ALL phases of an employee’s journey through a company. In addition, each of these phases must be supported by:

  • A clear understanding of the role the Sourcing / Supply Chain organization will play for the company
  • A definition of the Intended Consequences the Sourcing / Supply Chain function is trying to achieve for its customers / internal business partners
  • Clear goals and objectives for the group which are tied back to corporate goals
  • A clearly defined competency model to support the defined role, intended consequences and goals of the organization

Let’s begin with the first phase which is Recruiting. Keep in mind that having a strong recruiting function is absolutely useless unless you can retain and grow the talent you bring in. This is why CBTM MUST be viewed as a system. Any weak link in that system can find your best people returning to the job market out of frustration. Think about a high potential that is told they are an asset of the organization only to find themselves in a position where they are given little to no training or development, no clear goals or metrics, no career development support or no clear path for advancement. Some asset!! How long do you think that “high potential” is going to stick around? Keep in mind, bringing new people into an organization can be a VERY expensive proposition if they end up leaving in a short time. For recruiting to yield a positive return on investment, the other phases of CBTM must be in place to ensure employee retention.

Some organizations are constantly trying to “find” the right people. In many cases this is because:

  • they didn’t define the right requirements (competencies) up front
  • the defined requirements were not tied back to actual needs
  • they did a poor job marketing (selling) the position and / or the company
  • they found the right people but couldn’t keep them
  • the screening process was conducted by individuals that did not have subject matter expertise (HR perhaps)
  • candidates were not a good culture fit for the company

Constantly trying to find the right people is expensive, as is on-boarding and training new hires. Here are a few Next Practice tips to strengthen your recruiting practices:

  • Understand the role you are expecting your Sourcing / Supply Chain organization to play — Tactical executor? Strategic business partner? Change agent? The role (whatever it is) will determine the competencies required and those MUST be defined
  • Clearly defined requirements that are tied to customer needs / intended consequences and are supported by required competencies
  • A marketing plan that allows you to present your company in the best way to attract the best candidates
  • A screening process that ensures the right functional and cultural fit
  • A rotational program for new hires that may be high potentials but who do not yet know where they fit
  • A process that closely matches candidate competencies with the open position — putting a high-powered Sourcing professional in a tactical buying position will do nothing but frustrate everyone involved (and vice versa) and cause the employee to leave
  • An on-boarding process that gets the new hire off to a strong start
  • Ensuring the other phases of CBTM are in place and being utilized

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to follow this topic further, here are a series of critical activities coming up:

  • Release of the results of the Executive Forum we just facilitated at the IACCM Global Forum for Contracting & Commercial Excellence on Talent Management.
  • A major research project to not identify the problem one more time but to identify Next Practices to solve the problems.
  • A webinar with IACCM on CBTM.
  • A White Paper to focus on Next Practices in CBTM.

Please contact Crystal Jones at crystalj <at> thempowergroup <dot> com for more information.