Where Are My Marbles?

This is the third post in the continuing saga of the doctor and the quest to get his marbles back from the Twitter Bird. Part I and Part II are still archived on the site.

I’ve looked way up high
  on the top of the CN Tower
And I’ve looked way down low
  in the depths of Sarma
I’ve looked into
  a Raven’s maw
And in a hipster’s ‘fro
  (what does that do for karma?)

I’ve looked near
  just outside the door
I’ve looked far
  in the Serengeti
I’ve even looked here
  under the mounds of paper on my desk
And I still don’t know where the heck they are
  (am I starting to sound petty?)

I’ve looked on land
  where it’s nice and dry
I’ve looked in the sea
  where it’s oh so very wet
I’ve even asked the band
  (who only work 10-2-midnite)
Where they could be
  (but have received no answer yet)

I’ve run to the hills
  (on the advice of the Iron Maiden)
And rushed to the valley
  (of the ancient kings)
I’ve checked all the mills
  (and some still make paper, you know)
And even asked O’malley
  (down in the alley, improving his swing)

No luck have I had
  even though I have tried
No trace have I found
  outside or inside
Of anything smooth
  shiny, or clear
Or anything round
  like my marbles, so dear.

Damn you TwitterBird!
Give Me Back My Marbles!


Quoth the TwitterBird, Never!