Corporations Will Soon Rule the World

To the tune of Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears.

     Welcome to our life
     There’s no turning back
     Even while we sleep
     They’ll continue
     Acting on their worst behaviour
     Turn their backs on mother nature
     Corporations will soon rule the world

     It’s China’s design
     It’s Harper’s recourse
     A social divide
     That will take the most (of)
     our freedom and our pleasure
     Nothing ever lasts forever
     Corporations will soon rule the world

     There’s a room where the light won’t find them
     Counting money while the poor go bankrupt
     When they do they’ll buy the shelters too

     So sad they’ve almost made it
     So bad Obama’s played it
     Corporations will soon rule the world

     I can’t stand this lack of vision
     That will soon put us all in prison*
     Corporations will soon rule the world

     Say that we’ll never never never never need it
     One headline why believe it ?
     Corporations will soon rule the world

     Our freedom and our pleasure
     Nothing ever lasts forever
     Corporations will soon rule the world

By now, at least 3/4ths of North Americans should know that the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which allows you to be thrown in jail simply for clicking on a hyperlink embedded in a web-page, is bad. Very bad.

But what is not so obvious, as astutely pointed out in this article over on A Corporate Coup in Disguise on, is that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will create a virtually permanent corporate rule over the people. No wonder the US and Canada, led by the worst prime minister ever, are getting on-board. Under this wonderful trade agreement, any food safety regulations and food labelling laws stricter than “international standards” become “illegal trade barriers” and get stricken down. Exports of natural gas cannot be regulated, and un-regulated instances of destructive fracking will sky-rocket. Big Pharma will get an additional 10 years of monopoly pricing on patented drugs and the ability to block generics until the monopoly runs out. Not only would the NSA would be given legal authority to police the entire internet, but all ISPs would have to act as the NSAs private on-line police force while banking regulations designed to prevent economic collapse get thrown out the window. And Corporations get to relocate all of their factories to the lowest cost TPP member country risk free thanks to enhanced foreign-investor protections.

In other words, corporations get to go where they want, do what they want, and not give a damn about sustainability, liability, or us. For you Christians out there, I think even the devil himself would be hard-pressed to come up with such a dastardly deal. Say NO to the TPP!

*Soon all prisons will be run by corporations too!