Daily Archives: August 17, 2014

Happy 50th Colin James!

Bryan Adams may have had more commercial success south of the border, but Colin James has been rockin’ it for almost 30 years!

And just like your average long-haul trucker and air-freight express pilot, he has Stone Faith!

Get Your Tired Ass Pulled Over to the Side of the Road
Get Your Hands off the Wheel Before You Lose Your Load
See the Sun Stare You Down Like it Might Explode

You’re All Alone, Tired and Hungry from Your Last Stand
Getting High With the Angles of the Promised Land
When There’s Nothin’ Left to Lose …

LOLKitty Approves!

The voodoo thing
ooh my voodoo thing

Instead of Sustainability Sunday, instead, this week, we bring you Masquerade Monday! Stay Tuned …