Another Prediction LOLCat Can Get Behind

We all know what LOLCat thinks of futurists and their ideas. (Just see this post.)

But every now and again, someone comes along with an insightful, and true, prediction that LOLCat can get behind.

Earlier this year, LOLCat discovered an amazingly accurate prediction by Peter Smith (of Spend Matters UK) who, as summarized in this post, predicted that all predictions will be wrong.

However, LOLCat recently stumbled upon this great post by Pierre Mitchell who, in LOLCat’s view (and the doctor‘s view), predicted that 2015 Will be the Year of the Chief Buzzword Officer.

And it will. If you thought filling up your Buzzword Bingo card was easy last year, just wait and see what this year, the year of Procurement Damnation, brings. (In fact, this will likely be the year that Buzzword-Free Bingo hits the scene. Once your office mates get tired of filling their card before the boss takes his second breath, they will be searching for a game that lasts the entire hot-air filled meeting.)

What do you think LOLCat?

I Win!