LOLCat is Anxiously Awaiting Your Garden

While LOLCat appreciates the indoor lawn, now that spring has been with us for a month, LOLCat really wants to enjoy the outdoor garden again.

Also, LOLCat would like to remind you that some of the most famous people in history, ever since Nebuchadnezzar II commissioned the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, have commissioned famous gardens (including Thomas Jefferson, 19th American President), some of the most brilliant scientists have been gardeners (including Ralph Gardener, a famous research chemist), and many of your most beloved celebrities (including Oprah) are avid gardeners. It is said that the founding fathers love of gardening shaped their vision for America, and the British have always been enthralled by gardens (just count the number of famous public and private gardens in the greater London area alone).

Not only does gardening bring a number of expected, and unexpected (mental) health benefits, but it gives you a strong appreciation of the work that goes into raw material (food) production and, in turn, a greater appreciation for the complexity of the supply chain you manage a portion of on a daily basis. Remember, LOLCats are always smarter then they look. 🙂