Daily Archives: November 10, 2017

At least Twenty Two Hundred and Sixty Five Years Ago Today …

The Pharos of Alexandria was constructed. Estimated to be over 100 meters in height, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it was built on the island of Pharos opposite the isthmus on which Alexander the Great founded the city of Alexandria. The lighthouse was commissioned by the Ptolemy I after the death of Alexander, and due to its location, it not only guided ships by day and night but secured safe access to the city of Alexandria.

We bring this up to show the long history of lighthouses, which to this day are important in the prevention of ships hitting the rocks and wrecking off the coast (like the Stephen Whitney did One Hundred and Seventy Years ago today off the southern coast of Ireland (killing 92 of 110 on board). And while the wreck resulted in the construction of the Fastnet Rock lighthouse, an early example of an oil burning lighthouse (replacing the previous wood or coal lighthouses). And while it didn’t have the brightness of the kerosene burning lighthouse that would replace it, it was a great start.

Because the ability to see in the dark is valued, especially at sea. And this is an extremely relevant metaphor to procurement often lost in a sea of data with no ability to see where the rocks are. This is important because without sight, not only will your organization not realize the Procurement Innovation that is to come we have been discussing all week, but it won’t even realize the opportunities available it today.

Stay tuned.