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Dear SaaS Founder. We know you’ll make mistakes, but there’s no excuse to make these!

This month, having seen many of the same mistakes that he’s seen over 18 years as an (independent) analyst and 20+ years as a consultant, still being made in new startups (since leaving Spend Matters almost 20 months ago on 2022 Sep 30) the doctor decided to put his experience to e-paper and chronicle 15 of the most common mistakes he sees all too often — mistakes that don’t need to be made anymore. (In the early noughts, before there were dozens of tech startup books telling you what worked and what didn’t for founders that went before, some of these were excusable. But not anymore.)

Now, these aren’t being pulled out of the air. Over his career, he has researched/engaged in depth with over 500 vendors and their solutions as an analyst, consultant, or diligence professional, and publicly (co-)written up the solutions of over 350 of these on Sourcing Innovation and Spend Matters. He’s also followed the progress, or lack thereof, of many of these companies and seen some grow, some stagnate, some get acquired, and some ultimately have to shut their doors. The number of analysts still active in our space that can make the same claim-to-fame can likely be counted on your fingers!

He’d hope after last year’s series on the 10 + 2 best practices for success, some of these mistakes would become obvious and their frequency would decrease, but he was obviously too indirect in why those best practices were being focussed on and what some key takeaways were.

In any case, because he loves innovation and startups (which should be clear from the fact that he writes about 50 to 75 of them per year FOR FREE) and would like to see founders with good products, platforms, and commitment to their customers succeed, he’s hoping this more direct approach will help those companies who just started and who are still making a few of these stop doing so before it’s too late and help others start on the right track.

So without further ado, here are the links to the articles on the mistakes you’re still making:

Enjoy. Educate. Excel! (No, not the spreadsheet, the intransitive verb!)