Veni, Vidi, Wiki

In case you missed it, the eSourcing Wiki launched today. Sponsored and launched by Iasta, the goal of the site is to publish information of best practices on topics within supply management. The wiki is devoted to building a knowledge/resource center for both Iasta clients and global purchasing professionals.

In the words of the spend evangelist Jason Busch, Wikis like eSourcingWiki allow readers to actually contribute to a collective body of knowledge and research. Imagine, for example, if a whitepaper on sourcing decision support was not written by a single vendor or analyst firm, but a collective body of the best minds in the market. And think about how that whitepaper could become a living document that was continuously evolving based on reader input and criticism. That’s a Wiki. And that’s the framework that David has created which allows others to come in and modify and contribute content as they see fit (with a few restrictions, at least in some areas of the site).

Although only three mini-wikis are live now, the site is set to explode over the next few months. Not only have Wikis been drafted for each major stage of the strategic e-sourcing process (as the reader will see on the main Wiki Series page), but wiki drafts on a significant number of related topics are already under development. (Look for a wiki on Cost Reduction and Avoidance, inspired by the original weekend series (I, II, and III) last summer, next month.) Iasta’s goal is to pump them out as fast as the editor-in-chief can get to them (and once their User Conference is over in May, I’m sure a few more will hit the wire in rapid succession).

Finally, you can read the full launch announcements over on Spend Matters and eSourcing Forum.