Are You Taking Full Advantage of Sourcing Innovation?

While Sourcing Innovation is, first and foremost, a daily blog dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in best practices, education, and innovation in sourcing, procurement and supply management, it’s more than that. In addition to its archive of almost 1,300 deep and insightful posts that remain as relevant as the day they were written, Sourcing Innovation also offers one the most extensive resource sites in the space, and a growing collection of wiki-papers, white papers, and presentations.

The SI Resource Site, which is completely searchable through the Site Search page, catalogues more events, on-demand podcasts and webinars, publications, and societies than any other site in the space. It also contains:

  • A Glossary
    with about 30 articles on core topics, each complete with reference links to more information
  • The Illuminations
    which represent Sourcing Innovation’s branded thought-leadership white papers
  • New Presentations
    which are designed to distill key pieces of information from long posts, articles and white papers

Then there’s:

  • The e-Sourcing Wiki
    where the doctor authored or co-authored almost 35 wiki-papers on relevant supply management subjects
  • The (new) Linked-In Group
    where you can ask the doctor questions and participate in conversations with other supply management leaders
  • And Slideshare
    where the doctor has started to post presentations for those of you who like viewing presentations on-line

I encourage you to check out all that SI has to offer, and I welcome any suggestions you may have.