Before You Sponsor Any Blog … Get the Facts!

Continuing my recent post on Making Sense of Web Stats, before you sponsor any blog, including this one, you should get the facts … and do your own research. While they don’t capture all of the traffic, or even every site, used in conjunction, the free traffic ranking sites of Ranking, Traffic Estimate, Compete, Quantcast, and, most importantly, Alexa are usually directionally accurate and are a good place to start. For example, if you were to check up on the major blogs in the space on August 15, 2009, you’d find:

Blog Alexa
Traffic Estimate
Visitors (US)
Spend Matters 317,868 47,000 12,000 7,760 188,166
Sourcing Innovation 324,279 47,200 4,400 159,761
Supply Chain Matters ???,??? ??,??? ?,??? ?,??? ?,???,???
(AG) Metal Miner 573,991 25,200 924,425
Supply Excellence 960,349 10,700 1,767 217,056
Procure Insights 1,546,610 2,000
Purchasing Certification Blog 3,080,943 370
e-Sourcing Forum 3,108,516 2,300 873,926

This says that Sourcing Innovation, which briefly held the top spot on Alexa from June 10, 2009 to August 15, 2009 (and still holds the top spot on Traffic Estimate and Ranking), is currently ranked as the second most trafficed niche blog in the supply and spend management space. Not bad for an Upstart Blog that’s only three years old.

Furthermore, since you are also concerned about how much new traffic a site will attract, as new traffic is key to continued growth, the site’s ranking with respect to relevant searches is also important. For an overview of how each blog ranks, I refer you to the Google Rankings of the Sourcing Blogs of June 19, which is summarized below for a corpus of 99 relevant search terms:

Blog Top 10 Top 20 Top 30 Top 50 Top 100
Sourcing Innovation 8 10 13 17 23
Supply Excellence 4 4 7 10 15
Spend Matters 2 4 5 7 10
e-Sourcing Forum 2 4 5 7 10

This is one of the reasons why, from a new traffic acquisition perspective, Sourcing Innovation, which continues to grow anywhere from 3% to 30% month-over-month, is one of the top two blogs, and why, one day after the blog’s three year anniversary when Sourcing Innovation claimed the Top Supply Management and Spend Management blog ranking on Alexa, Sourcing Innovation has, in the past year, at least temporarily, ranked #1 on all five of the major traffic ranking engines.

Now that you’ve informed yourself, you can make the right choice. For more information on SI sponsorships, see the Open Pricing Model. (For more information on other blog sponsorships, if available, contact the respective blog owners.)