While Others Slow Down … Sourcing Innovation Revs Up!

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While many organizations, including those you belong to, will slow down, go on vacation, and generally take it easy over the summer months (in the Northern Hemisphere), Sourcing Innovation is going to take it up a notch and bring you even more insight and innovation.

I’m excited to announce that, starting the first week of June, you’ll see three new regular contributors appear on SI and more regular postings from two of your favorite guest authors and that, by mid-month, more contributors and guest authors should be ready to go. Starting the week of June 1st, we’ll see:

  • Eric Hiller, the Enterprise Cost Master of Hiller Associates
    As a co-founder of Apriori and a former blog master of Cost Cents, Eric brings a wealth of Enterprise Cost Management knowledge and experience with him from both the consulting and implementation sides of the business. Not only will he discuss ways to save money through better cost management, but he’ll also highlight many of the common mistakes made by production and supply management that cost the business money.
  • Norman Katz, the Founder and President of Katzscan and its Supply Chain Fraud practice
    Norman is an expert in supply chain risk, supply chain fraud, and risk and fraud prevention who has been helping companies secure their supply chains for over 15 years.
  • Dick Locke, the International Sourcing Specialist of Global Procurement Group
    Dicke Locke, who brings over 30 years of international sourcing experience and expertise to every engagement, has been helping Fortune 3000 global companies do global business since 1993 though his books, seminars, workshops, and consulting. Author of Global Supply Management: A Guide to International Purchasing and co-creator of the new Basics of Smart International Procurement from Next Level Purchasing, Dick Locke is a reknowned expert in the ins and outs of international sourcing and procurement.

and we’ll also see more guests posts from

  • Kevin Brooks, a B2B 3.0 Visionary who has worked his magic at Ariba, Apexon, and TrueDemand
    Kevin brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the impact and usefulness of Web 2.0 and B2B 3.0 platforms (and collaborative and social networking platforms in particular) in supply management, a wealth of experience in performance monitoring and improvement, and the experience of an early advocate for green supply chain analytics and capabilities.
  • Eric Strovink, the Chief Cuber of BIQ
    An experienced professional who has been building transactional, analytic, and business intelligence systems for end-to-end business operations, including supply management, for over 20 years, Eric brings a deep knowledge of the many ways technology can be used to impact a business in a powerful manner and find productivity improvements and cost savings no one ever even knew existed.

and more voices will be joining us in the future because Sourcing Innovation is where thought leaders converge.